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Відділення загальноосвітньої підготовки

The Department of Secondary Education

Victoria Ivanivna Popovych  -  a head of department of secondary education  SD NULES of Ukraine "Mukachevo Agrarian College", a specialist of higher category, a teacher of the Ukrainian language and literature.

Credo: "Carry out  two main commandments of God's word:

To love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself. "

Pedagogical credo:

Між братніх народів, мов садом рясним,

сіяє вона над віками….

Любіть Україну всім серцем своїм

і всіми своїми ділами.

(Volodymyr  Sosuira)

The structure of the department consists of four cycles commission, headed by highly educated teachers:

1)N.Yos. Fedelesh – a  specialist of a higher category , a teacher methodologist, a head of cyclic commission of philological sciences, a teacher  of world literature;

2)Z. Yu. Marhitych, – a  specialist of a higher category, a head of cyclic commission of natural and mathematical sciences, a teacher  of mathematics;

3) N. Yu. Sofilkanych a  specialist of a higher category , a teacher methodologist, a head of cycle committee of foreign languages,  an English teacher;

4) M. V. Hainas - a  specialist of a higher category, a teacher methodologist, a head of cycle commission of social and human sciences, a teacher  of sociology and law.

Mutual visiting classes,  making reports at the teachers' meeting, pedseminarars - this is an incomplete list of the activities that are the basis of educational department of secondary  education. Our staff  provides daily educational work.

In an effort to involve  students to the best examples of literature, culture,  to teach them  to express opinions clkerly , to  prepare documents, to  improve knowledge of foreign languages  the teachers of our department  are in constant search for effective methods of work.

We  improve methods of teaching, form  in youth patriotic outlook, respect for the native words, love to the  country. Teachers care about preserving and continuing the best traditions of the Ukrainian people and bring up  in students a sense of pride for their land and school.

Teachers take part in the work of cycle commission which helps to improve educational process.

Teachers of the  department constantly  improve their skills, participate in scientific and educational conferences, prepare publications for professional  editions.

However, the most important indicator of the teachers’ work  is the depth and quality of knowledge that  students get  both in the classroom and in extracurricular activities. The activities carried out within the weekof the department  are the result of fruitful cooperation between teachers and students.


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